Aanchal Centre for Differently Abled Children in Rohini, Delhi and the Qutab Minar.

The next day (Saturday) was the craziest whirlwind morning of my life! Oh my God!!

I went to Aanchal centre, Rhohini, Delhi which is a  Christian church school for differently abled children. I had asked when the trip was being planned to visit a school as I wanted to see the differences in cultures and meet some people too.


I did not realise how many people would be there and that  they all were waiting for me to arrive.

IMG_20170408_105607585_HDR I was quite shocked to be honest and overwhelmed too. Lots of people were curious and taking photographs and it all felt a bit of a dream really.


I gave a speech about my life, communication methods and showed some videos to them.


There were students performing songs and dances.


I was watching some of the students and was feeling a little bit overwhelmed by it all, even though the children were sweet and so brave to perform in front of us. There was prayers and talks given by Father Joji Kurien Thomas.


One of the funniest things I saw was when Sam jumped into the dance routine and made Tanya join in, I laughed so much!!! I didn’t know she was dancing behind me as there was a shy little girl at the side of her who smiled when she saw her dance.

I was interviewed by a lady and I cannot remember what I said as I panicked when she asked if my Dynavox could say ‘Namaste’ I tried but it could not pronounce the word.  Imagine it, lots of people watching, camera crews, children excited and my Dynavox won’t speak Hindi. How embarrassing!. Even though Sam Spelt it to me in sign language, I then typed it correctly but the lady who was interviewing me for Lifestyle Today  news did not recognise the word when she heard it. I panicked, and was swearing inside my head! I was on the Indian TV news! Argh!!! Luckily Sam saw the panic in my face and helped out, phew!!20170408_114939.jpg


So many people wanted photos with me and had to try to smile for such a long time. I think it was because so many Indian people had never met a someone like me before who uses different technological equipment, was independent and had support with me who treat me with respect and as an equal.

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I loved to see the children there; they even made a birthday cake and sang for me.

There was a young boy who really made me laugh when I said the children should eat the birthday cake.  He definitely was excited I did not matter to understand Hindi as Sam interpreted what he was doing behind me.  I remember feeling the same way at school when I was younger too.

I hope they enjoyed the cake; it was very colourful and lovely!

I was given a lovely picture from the children of the school which is now in my office so I see it every day. If you can help in any way with the school, please do. I will post their  Facebook  link here please click like on their page and read about the work they do. Aanchal is a  lovely school I would like to go back one day and see the children again learning  in their classes.

Later that afternoon we went to Quitab Minar it was really interesting learning about the history although I was sad to hear they had closed the inside of the monument off as there have been suicides in the past.



I was out of my wheelchair for part of the tour as there was a part that was not accessible by wheelchair. It has an area there were it has a large stone step  and the guide was explaining  the architecture . So Tanya held me while I listened to the history and how they made the designs in the wall and on other places.


It is one of the highest stone towers in India.


We later ended our day by going  to an Indian restaurant and I ate so much that I felt so full! I ate paneer and even had a second bowl full and a few other nice foods .All the food was stunning. I felt sorry for poor Sam as Tanya and I don’t eat meat and she is not vegetarian. Sam did not care though as she likes meat and said she wouldn’t have to share!


3 thoughts on “Aanchal Centre for Differently Abled Children in Rohini, Delhi and the Qutab Minar.

  1. Fascinating thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience.I will read more about the school with interest. Cath


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